Finally have internet!

I’ve been w/out internet at home since Tuesday! I almost lost my mind.  While the only real problem was our ethernet chord, Time Warner royally screwed things up all day yesterday.  Wont get into that.

Yesterday I made my mother in law’s recipe for talapia with brown/white rice& asparagus.  SO good (my filet broke apart so not a pretty pic!)


Today I woke up with a ton of energy.  Went and stocked up on fruit & veg and made a juice


This morning I spent a lot of money! Went to Crate & Barrel for NJ furniture and Restoration Hardware for my dresser  glass hardware


Went to Crate and Barrel ONLY to buy a couch but ended up with: a couch, a console table and a coffee table.  All in the name of free shipping & “white glove” delivery.


Restoration Hardware was a bust.  They didn’t have my hardware in stock so I spent about 30 min dealing w/ a 60+ year old lady trying to place my order on an IPad.  I should have just left and ordered in myself in 5 min when I got home.  

Prep for the move is coming along nicely.  Only 2-3 more boxes to pack!!



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