Barley Swine

My day started out with a great green juice.  Because of my 11 course meal the night before it was the 1st time in a LONG time that I’ve just had juice and water all snacking.  


Then last night I met my brother at Barley Swine.  I’ve been wanting to go to Barley Swine since last summer and their food truck (now closed) Odd Duck.  It was the most AMAZING food experience.  We sat at the bar right infront of all the action and the head chef Bryce Gilmore stood next to us expediting.  


We started with an AMAZING bottle of cava 2007 Canals & Munne Cava Brut / Spain


We then asked the chef to bring us 7 plates of WHATEVER he wanted!

1. tomato, roasted peach, goat cheese salad   2.  Goat with buckwheat, green olive & carrot


3. Scallops, brussel sprouts, peanuts & grapefruit     4.  corn soup


5.  Grilled lamb w/ fried chickpea cake                     6.  Stuffed quail with dirty rice


7.  Fried pig face with a soft egg (special that night)                   


I geeked out and had the chef sign our menu.  The food was pure genius.  Best meal I’ve ever had in my life!  I’m trying to get Drew to come visit just so he can take me there again.  If you’re anywhere near Texas, go to Barley Swine!!!!! 🙂


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