Day 50

The day started out fantastic! Had a huge green juice while I painted my dresser a beautiful light green.  And Grandad made me a grilled beef sammich for lunch


Then…the day quickly changed.  My brother came into town and suggested we go to Barley Swine while he’s here. Barley Swine has been on my “Austin to do before move” list for awhile now, but they are closed on Sunday.  We decided to go to Uchiko tonight and Barley Swine tomorrow.  Uchiko, run by the winner of this past season of Top Chef, has also been on my “Austin to do before move” list.  My brother let the chef serve us whatever he wanted.  The plates kept coming and coming:






WE ATE ALL THAT FOOD PEOPLE!!!! Thought it was 10 courses, but after putting this together I count 11.  11 plates of food.  11 plates of AMAZING food.  Once in a life time meal.  Fantastic!!!  However I’ve never been so excited to fast! 🙂

One thought on “Day 50

  1. Jana Cast says:

    Dresser looks amazing! All I can say about that amazing food is….I like the number 11 much better than the number 10!

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