Day 49

Such a busy weekend and such horrible eating.  Nothing horrible/horrible just lots of snacking…carby sncaking

I did manage to juice today


so busy. Packing for the move. Painting my dresser. baby shower. cousin in town. brother in town. kinder graduation next week. making Kinder slideshow for the whole grade level. movers come in 2 weeks. I’M ABOUT TO LOSE IT!


The more I think about what I should do with my “diet” the more I want to not eat right at all.  That makes no sense though.  Should I go with no meat at all? That worked for me, made me feel amazing.  Yet I was adding too much dairy & carbs to make my meals “fulfilling”.  Should I get Paleo…protein, fruit & veg.  Should I do a mixture? The more I think about these things the more frustrated I get and end up eating something horrible for me.  I just want to feel good again.  What I do know is juicing alone isn’t enough…because I’ve kept that up and still don’t feel great.  I have to go back to being really strict with my meals.  I’ve been bad lately and feel like such a failure.


2 thoughts on “Day 49

  1. Just my opinion but, cut yourself some slack. You are listening to your body, that is the most important. I wouldn’t be able to take on an extreme change in the middle of all of that. Do what you can for now and be at peace. Good luck with the next few weeks!!!

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