Day 42 & 43

It was SO great to have my husband here this weekend! We had a fantastic time! 🙂 Mack Brown was happy he was here too


While he was here we went Maria’s taco express (look how GREASY aka amazing that taco is!) And we stocked our little wine fridge with JK Scrumpy hard cider! Yum


I made Drew & I a juice.  He seemed to like it! AND my amazing husband doctored this big cut I had on my foot that I got at work! 🙂 It was so sweet of him!


Today for Mother’s day we got crab cakes from Central Market.  I made caesar salad with HOMEMADE dressing with shrimp and chicken.  Everything was delicious!!!!
Image ImageImage

My fantastic, amazing, sweet husband booked our trip to Disney World tonight!  We are going for my 30th birthday. He’s never been before.  I’m SOOOOOOOO excited! 


Drew leaves tomorrow! 😦 Mack and I will miss him!!!!



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