Day 40 & 41

Lets just call this whole week a wash.  It was teacher appreciate week…this means that every parent brings teachers loads and LOADS of every junk food imaginable.  I did manage to juice both days though.  I thought that juicing would negate my bad choices but nope.  I feel worse than ever. Tired, feel fatter than I did than ever, grumpy, heavy on my feet.  Everything that juicing and clean eating FIXED, a week of bad eating did away with.  Can’t wait to be back to total clean eating!

Day 40 juice:


Day 41 juice:


My husband is in town for the weekend! I plan to do better than I did this past week but enjoy myself! TOTAL clean eating resumes Sunday night.  We are going to a fancy mother’s day brunch Sunday afternoon so after that, it’s back to good!

I’m thinking that adding more fish & chicken will help.  I find myself adding in so many wheat and cheese products to make up for the lack of portion.  Adding protein will actually help me eat CLEANER than I have been. 🙂

Here’s the family pics from tonight:



3 thoughts on “Day 40 & 41

  1. Love the jars. Sometimes I wish people would bring fresh fruit and veg as gifts….but another part of my brain says that wouldn’t be as much fun. Have a great Mothers’ Day.

  2. husband says:

    I think I’m more excited about getting a juice as a meal replacement than anything when you move up here my love.

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