Day 39

I didn’t post yesterday and we are just going to pretend it just didn’t happen.  Horrible day for me but it doesn’t count since we are forgetting about it right?  As bad as yesterday was, that is how good today was!

Morning juices:


Last night I bought glass canning jars for my juices! I’m so excited! All the hardcore juicers only use glass jarsImageMy snacks for today: roasted sweet potatoes & bell peppers w/ hummus


Dinner was AMAZING!!!!! Jana, my mother in law, made talapia with rice & asparagus.  The talapia was perfect and the rice was heaven.  It was the best rice i’ve ever had.  This meal was so good and healthy! I need to add this to my regular rotation.  Image

It’s teacher appreciation week.  My class brought me in A TON of flowers!!! And my good friend Keri brought me  my favorite Starbucks to work today.  It was such a sweet surprise!


Tomorrow I’m going to the dentist for a cleaning.  This will be the first time in about 4 years I’m going in for a cleaning.  I need lots of prayer! hahaha

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