Day 30

Made it through a month!! there have been only 2 days I haven’t juiced at all and about 10 days i ate something I felt wasn’t good or meat.  I gave myself a check mark on my calendar on good days and an X on bad days and I noticed there was never just 1 X all by itself.  One “bad” day lead to other bad days.  I think I’m finally getting it all together though.

My huge morning juice:


For dinner I roasted some sweet potatoes and had that w/ leftover stuffed portobello mushroom


Good day eating for me…hard day though.  Drew’s brother has been really sick this year and it’s not getting better.  Drew called me with an update as I was driving home and when I got home I could tell Grandad was so, so sad.  I don’t know how to respond in hard times like this…funny because I’ve had so much tragedy in my life.  I should be a pro at this…but I’m not.  So I  made Grandad a huge BLT sandwich, sweet potatoes and a beer 🙂 Cooking and taking care of people, I can handle that part.

 Pray for Matt, and Jana and Marcie.  


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