Day 29

I’ve been having a lazy day which has been nice after my busy Saturday. I spent the day working on this huge project I volunteered to do for school and lots of relaxing.

This morning I made a HUGE juice.  This made about 40-50 oz of juice that I drank all through the day


Tonight I tried a new recipe that I found online.  It was spinach & artichoke dip on top of a portobello mushroom.  I made the dip with: frozen spinach, artichoke hearts, about 2 oz of cream cheese, a table spoon of mayo, tablespoon of sour cream, 1/2 cup shredded mozz,  tablespoon of crushed garlic, tablespoon of chili flakes, salt & pepper.  I know it sounds like a TOOOOON of dairy, and it is but I actually used half or less of what the recipe called for.  I roasted the portobellos w/ olive oil & balsamic for about 15-20 min first, then put the dip on & put it all under the broiler


This was fantastic!! Yum.  Just the right amount of spice and super garlic-y.  LOVE it.

True story: Sundays are made for donuts.  This morning I got out and decided Grandad would love some donuts from our favorite bakery, KC’s.  I convinced myself that a couple of donut holes would be fine.  I walked in the bakery, got in line.  Then told myself, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING, and walked out.  This bakery is usually packed on Sundays w/ a line out the door but today there were just 2 people infront of me so I’m sure I looked crazy. hahaha BUT I did not give into it.  I wasn’t even craving it…honestly super sweet food is not appealing to me right now and I use to LIVE for sweets.  Crazy right?

Found out my in laws are coming next week! I’ll have to try some veggie recipes out on my mother in law if she’ll let me 🙂 ha

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