Day 28

I had a BUSY morning.  Started off at Central Market.  Loaded up on tons of organic fruits & veg (dont mind the cokes, NOT mine! 🙂 ha)


Then I started packing our house.  We move *sometime* in June and I want to enjoy the beg. of the summer with family so I’m trying to get all the packing done now.  My goal is to pack 3-4 boxes each weekend.  Today I cleaned out the guest closet (donated 3 bags of clothes to goodwill) and packed 2 boxes of dishes!  I also made some tye dye shirts.  I made class shirts for my students at the beg. of the year and I have a couple new students and a couple who have lost their shirts so got that taken care of for our field trip next week


By the time I looked up it was 1 and I hadnt had anything.  Wasnt hungry but I made an egg taco and snacked on some veggie chips w/ hummus (


Just for the record, the Terra Mediterranean chips are AMAZING.  The hummus wasnt my fav but I couldn’t find Amy’s which is the best hummus in Austin.  Hopefully next time.  I haven’t juiced today.  I was thinking of having some tonight but I’m just not hungry and kind of have a stomach ache so I probably wont have anything at all the rest of the day.  Tomorrow will be full of LOTS of juice!


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