Day 26

I’m not feeling it lately.  Last week I felt SO good, SO much energy…instantly felt healthy and energized from each juice.  I’m not feeling good this week.  Tired, bloated, feel gross. 😦 ugh.  I need to get more serious.  Cut out ALL the processed food and eat clean. I snack here and there and it’s impacting how I feel.  

This morning I made 2 large juices to take to work: (must have forgotten to pic 1st batch)


Tonight for dinner I had more stir fry left overs but I did make Grandad eggs ‘n asparagus.  It’s one of his favorites and veggie! 🙂 It does have a little cheese in it


This morning I went to Starbuck, got an iced tea (yay for me!) but may, or may not have gotten a bran muffin as well.  See it’s THIS snacking that is killing me.  I justify things.  It’s ok good to be hungry.  So tomorrow I’ll pack some veggies to snack on during the day and stick to juice only.  My MOM is doing better at this than I am…so sad!


5 thoughts on “Day 26

  1. Jana Cast says:

    Jen, you are doing really well! So nice of you to cook for someone else (Grandad)! Keep at it! I know you will eventually ‘hit’ on the right combination for you! 🙂

  2. Embrace the muffin. No guilt! Maybe Wednesday can be muffin day so the rest of the week you can say no to treats because you know the muffin is waiting for you. Saturday is my cupcake day 🙂

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