Day 21 & 22

Past 2 days horrible eating wise.  There was lots of meat, lots of great food and some delicious alcohol.  I’ve really enjoyed having my husband in town and the past 2 days i’ve gone over board which I said I wasn’t going to do, but I’ve had the best time.  So fun to just enjoy Drew’s time here and fellowship with our friends.  I will say that in the past 2 days I’ve: felt EXTREMELY tired!!! (funny before juicing I didn’t even understand how people go out and about on the weekends cause I was so tired.  EVERY action of mine was forced, having to pretend I had energy to do it. While juicing I’m over flowing w/ energy and feel amazing.  A weekend of not juicing most of the day and I feel just as horrible as I did before)  I’m bloated, especially my face.  I feel horrible.  Needless to say I CAN’T wait to get back to juice fasting during the day tomorrow.  Drew’s next visit won’t be this bad.  I assume not seeing Drew for 9 weeks played into us going all out.

Here are all the pictures from the weekend:






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