Day 20

My husband is home!!!!!!!! It’s so nice to have him here.  I don’t realize how much I miss him until he’s home. 


My goal for this weekend is to juice once a day and to enjoy myself but just keep portions small.  That isn’t hard for me since my hunger is minimal these days. I also want to limit meat but allow myself to have *some*  Last night Drew picked up Whataburger LATE night and I had a few bites. The salt content was just so overwhelming…disgusting.  Today my fingers are fat because of it.  I’ve lost weight in my face and over night my face is puffy again cause of the dang salt.  horrible.  

This morning I had Starbucks and an egg & onion taco Drew made me.  Was SO good


Lunch was a juice.  SO delicious


For dinner tonight Grandad made tacos!  I had 1 and am completely full and satisfied.  


I feel good about my eating today.  I juiced, I kept portions small and didn’t get carried away eating bad just cause Drew is here.

In other news, this afternoon we had thunderstorms.  My puppy is terrified of thunder but he does ok if I he hold him.  As soon as we heard the 1st clap of thunder, Mack ran to me and spent the next 3 hrs wrapped around my neck like a little baby.  He’s so cute! love him


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