Day 19

I prepped some food last night for Drew’s visit.  Made stuff for veggie AND chicken quesadillas:


I also prepped Drew’s favorite dessert, choc chip cookies! Uh oh, this got me in trouble


After a few bites of cookie dough I’m feeling it today.  That sounds crazy that a small bit of something can throw your body way off but it’s true.  I woke up hungry, which I’m not anymore since I fast all day and I felt dizzy/nauseous most of the day.  Horrible feeling. But I know if I stick with the juicing I’ll feel better soon!

Morning juices:


I’ll eat some sort of snack before Drew gets in for his late night quesadilla feast 🙂 Not sure what yet.

Last night Mack was also exhausted from being up since 2:30 and put himself to bed at 6! 🙂  I got a ton of sleep last night and was a VERY happy momma



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