Day 18

Been up since 2:30 with my stupid dog. 😦  He wanted to go outside…so I got up and took him, then the wind blew and he was too scared to go outside so back to bed we went.  At 3:00 grandad was up so Mack just had to get up and see him.  I felt great this morning but right about now I’m very ready for bed

My morning juices:



This afternoon I some how have to manage to do a few errands so I picked up a Nada chicken (meatless Morning Star patty) salad from Thundercloud.  This salad is pretty much the best thing ever


I made some risotto from Trader Joes last night to have today but I’m full and tired so I’ll save that for tomorrow.  Tomorrow Drew comes in town!!!!! I haven’t seen my husband in 8 1/2 weeks! Thats way too long.  Can’t wait.  Already planning my veggie meals to make with his meals 🙂

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