Day 16

My morning:



My dinner: I sauteed mushrooms & spinach w/ garlic and a tiny bit of olive oil.  Put it in a multigrain tortilla w/ jack cheese.  Made it into a quesadilla


Was delicious, but too cheesy.  The mushrooms were so good though.  After juice fasting this long I could hardly finish this.  I now HATE feeling full now. Tonight I will make another juice to help ward off snacking.

 In other news, lets be honest for a minute…late last night I had a bit of the BBQ a neighbor brought over.  Meat is not my friend.  Ever since I don’t feel as good as I normally do.  For now, vegetarian is for me.  Fruit & veg makes me feel healthy and energized.  Meat isn’t good for me right now, just too heavy.  



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