Day 15

I woke up at 4:30AM with tons of energy again.  Juicing has me feeling so good…It’s almost too much energy but in a good way.  CRAZY because 15 days ago I was very content spending 90% of my day lounging in bed.

My morning:




(I put any extra juice I made into my “klean kanteen” and will drink that later tonight)



By 9am I had vacuumed and steam cleaned the carpets and finished all the laundry! 🙂 Very productive morning!  Very easy day but a neighbor brought over some BBQ and the smell was amazing.  I went as far as putting a rib on a plate, but quickly made a juice and threw it away.  I keep reminding myself how GOOD I feel and make myself stop and think how whatever I want to eat might make me feel.  I’ve never in my life done that.  Food has always made me feel good! ha  My Mom even started juicing today!  I hope it makes her feel better.  YAY mom!

My poor baby Mack was terrified this morning while I was cleaning the carpets.  He hid in the corner and was wet (from the steam cleaning) and shaking when I went to pick him up 😦 SO SAD! He’s been coughing all day too.  Hate it when my pup is sick!


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