Day 14

Day started off really strong.  Full juice fast for the day *was* the goal! 🙂  Was “hungry” (bored) today but just drank more juice and was completely fine.  

My 1st juice:


Honestly, this juice was disgusting and I blame the cucumber.  I never add cucumber to my juice but today I decided to try.  GROSS.  I chugged it all down though.  Every little bit.  And it was very filling.

2nd juice around 1:


This juice was delicious.  SO good and made me feel amazing.

I spent the day talking to Drew.  That was really nice because we don’t have much time for each other lately because he’s been working so much


Then I went and had my hair done.  I was really excited about this.  Went to a fancy place on 6th street. It’s been so long since I’ve actually pampered myself.  Got my hair cut, colored AND highlighted.  She told me I should start parting my hair on the opposite side for a change.  It feels so weird but I love it!



After my haircut I went for a margarita and to pick up dinner for Grandad.  Drew’s best friend Shane was working and he hooked me up.  Margarita was way too strong for my system.  I couldn’t finish it.  I also had a spinach enchilada.  Was delish and part of me feels horrible for breaking my fast but part of me feels like I had a GREAT day today regardless!

Image Image

On to day 15.  I *will* fast all day, of that I am sure!



One thought on “Day 14

  1. drew says:

    Big Cat is Ops Manager for the entire Serranos Restaurant chain. He might as well poured tequila directly down your throat that drink was so strong, eh? 🙂

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