Day 13

Today..not the best day.  I’m trying to be ok with it all and just let it go.  So easy to get stuck beating yourself up though.  My juices this morning, I literally threw in all the left over stuff I have so this is what I ended up with:



Spinach was not my favorite.  Kale is so much better.  The afternoon has not been so good 😦  I did have a veggie sandwhich…fine.  and then ice cream 😦  BUT as Dan McDonald says, can’t beat yourself up.  Stay with the positive.  I LOVE listening to all these nutritional “experts” like Dan and Daniel Vitalis.  Love them.  So much great information and inspiration.  Going to go on full fast tomorrow and Sunday.  My goal is to keep it going for more than just the 2 days but we will see how it goes.  I’m MUCH less hungry these days so I think it will be easy.  Lets hope!  Going to incorporate some yoga this weekend as well. 🙂


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