Day 12

My sweet, adorable puppy kept me up most of the night so I had less energy today but more than normal.  I also had more dairy and wheat than normal yesterday and REALLY felt it today.  Have to be more careful about that.

My morning routine:



Felt good all day.  When ever I would get bored and want to snack I would drink some juice and was good to go!  I was SUPPOSE to meet a friend for happy hour after school…she forgot! hahaha BUT i was freaking out all day not wanting to drink but it was at Chuys so how can you not have a marg? So it all worked out.  But while at Chuys I got a salad and a veggie enchilada.  The enchilada was a lot better than I expected in that it wasn’t smothered in cheese.  It had tons of vegetables and minimal cheese so that was great.


I dont have much to juice tomorrow…I’m out of kale but I have spinach so I will make something work. I’ll go stock up after work tomorrow.  I’m *thinking* of doing a full juice fast Saturday and Sunday.  Hopefully this guy will let me sleep tonight!



One thought on “Day 12

  1. MOM says:

    Ahhh Mack! Such a poser. Thanks for the great information and I love your pictures. My children are motivating me!!!!

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