Day 11

Woke up early again this morning, 4:30, with tons of energy.  Felt GREAT!



You see how the 2nd juice is a beautiful pale green? It was the BEST juice I’ve ever had.  I wish I knew what made it so amazing…maybe the grapes were really ripe? It was sweet, clean, delicious!!!  I went and got a side salad w/ nada chicken (veggie patty) towards the end of the day.  I wasn’t hungry at all when I got home but I made roasted veggie pasta.  Very simple, lots of different roasted veggies on whole wheat pasta topped w/ red chili flakes.


I already feel like a much different person and my stomach is not as bloated feeling/looking.  When I move up to New Jersey I want to create a little meditation area in our room and also start taking yoga.  Drew says I’m losing my marbles but transcendental meditation is supposed to be SO good for you and it’s not tied to any sort of religion.  Need to learn more about it though. 🙂

Yesterday was “A day with no shoes”.  TOMS encourages people to spend a day w/ no shoes to see what it would be like to be without.  I only wear TOMS at work so my class took a picture to celebrate the day 🙂


3 thoughts on “Day 11

  1. Ok, the pic of your kids needs to be your cover photo on FB along with the story. Toooo cute!!!

    My energy level was insane today. I woke up at 5, cleaned the kitchen, did laundry, and then went to go work out. Crazy!!!

    We need a good pasta substitute. No wheat at all in my book.

    • When I read your comment I had to stop and ask myself, “did I write that?!?” When I wake up early I usually just lay in bed & watch news but I’ve had so much energy in the morning I get up and mop & do laundry! 🙂

      Next week no more dairy for me then the week after that no wheat…no wheat. have to slowly ween myself off these things

      • Yeah, the no dairy thing is what gets me. I’ve done the low carb/Paleo eating off and on for awhile, but I’ve never stuck to the no dairy thing. It’s tough. Wheat is no big deal.

        I had 4 drinks last night, and I’m amazed at how it affected me this morning. I need to get serious about cutting all booze – 2 of the 4 drinks were wine, but I still feel they should be cut as well. Since I go out so much, booze is going to be the TOUGHEST lifestyle modification for sure. Uggghhhh…

        I definitely want to get into yoga, too! I’ve been checking out Tibetan singing bowls, and I’m thinking about ordering some and learning more:

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