Day 9

This morning I made my way to Central Market and stocked up on beautiful fruits and vegetables.  

My breakfast:


an organic egg in a multigrain tortilla! mmm

This afternoon I juiced


This juice was delicious and I think my VERY ripe pineapple is to blame.  yum!

I haven’t felt well all day and I think its due to my poor eating yesterday.  I need to focus on what I’m doing right.  It’s so easy to get caught up in “i went off my ‘diet’ and now I want to keep eating bad things because I’ve already blown it!”  I’m getting my heart healthy!  I read this today on Mike Adams website: I believe it’s (juicing) not only a cure for many cancers, it’s also a documented, proven cure for type-2diabetes(a disease the American Diabetes Association laughingly claims “has nocure“). It can also completely reverse heart disease, depression, most mood disorders,liver disease, kidney stones, chronicinflammation, arthritis, gout,urinary tract infections, asthma and numerous other healthconditions.

That’s pretty powerful!  On to good health and Day 10


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