Day 7 & 8

I didn’t update yesterday…I’ve been traveling and I’ve had a kidney infection.  A horrible kidney infection that has awoken me in pain the past couple of nights.  I have taken prescription strength Advil about 4 times now and an antibiotic 3 times now since my Mom gave it to me.  It’s really funny…before I would take any and every pain med and antibiotic possible.  Now I’m determined to take a few but then let my body heal itself.  

I made and “Easter” dinner for my family Saturday.  Here is what I ate:


Roasted veggies and mac’n cheese! YUM!!!  Today I had some ham because Grandad made us an Easter lunch.  So sue me.  As I was driving around today, knowing I was going to have to eat ham today, it all hit me.  This whole vegetarian change is for ME.  It’s not so I lose weight, it’s not so I fit into some fad diet…it’s for my health.  I read an article just today that said heart disease has always been calculated by cholesterol levels and now it should move to inflammation level because THAT is what really predicts heart attacks/disease. When I 1st found out I had VERY high cardiac inflammation, my Dr. said I should try a low gluten and dairy free diet because that may lower it.  I got some criticism saying that I was trying the latest FAD diet just to lose weight.  It has finally hit me that actually my heart “problem” is the reason I’m doing this.  Now that studies prove inflammation is the cause of heart disease AND I’ve found that a vegetarian/juicing diet has been proven to reverse this damage that dangit I’m doing it.  


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