Day 6

I juiced at my brother’s house this morning.  My brother doesn’t do anything half way and of course he got the best juicer!!! I’m so jealous.  it puts mine to shame.  I will buy 1 in a couple months though 🙂



My Mom & I then went to a Good Friday service at her church. It was really fantastic.  No talking, just music and words/images on the screen.  Really well done


Afterwards we met my brother for lunch at my favorite spot, House Wine.  I had the caesar salad, and vegetable risotto.  Both were fantastic!



Dinner will be another juice later just like my breakfast.  yum!

My grandmother decided she shouldn’t be driving anymore and generously gave it to me.  I got it today and had it cleaned up.  It’s a beautiful car and such a blessing!



One thought on “Day 6

  1. Sarah says:

    That lunch looks fabulous! I still need to find an adequate vegan Caesar dressing, but I just made a delicious mushroom risotto last night for dinner!

    Nice grandma by the way, lucky!

    Also, be careful about juicing too much. When you juice the fruits and vegetables, you break down the fiber and most of the other nutrients. It’s much better for you nutritionally to eat the food instead of juice it. Just thought I’d share!

    Good luck on the healthy eating! I’ll make sure to check in for later posts 🙂


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