Day 5

My juices:



(I made 3 juices today…but the one I put in the red Starbucks cup is still sitting in my school fridge.  Was just way too busy!)

My snacks:


I made air popped popcorn with a tad bit of olive oil & sea salt (DELISH!!!) and a Kind Bar (my fav snack)

Dinner at the airport (veggie pizza):


I felt GOOD about my day…Drew says I made a bad dinner decisions.  Today was busy and STRESSFUL at work though so I did the best I could.  I’m sitting at the Houston airport right now waiting to get on my flight to McAllen.  I’ve been craving my usual Starbucks….raspberry white mocha and what was staring at me as SOON as I get off the flight from Austin to Houston? A Starbucks!!! I was so mad….the amazing smell of coffee almost did me in.  I kept walking though.  I feel good about this weekend!  My brother got a juicer so I will still get in my 2 juices a day.  YUM! On to day 6


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