Day 4

My morning:


my lunch (yum!):



My juicer is in the dish washer and i was starving after work so I stopped at Thundercloud and got a Nada chicken (veggie patty) salad.  I wanted my normal nada chicken…with cheese, lots of mayo BUT i just got thundersauce, no cheese.  I REALLY wanted to stop and get pad thai but I avoided that so that was a feat in and of itself 🙂  I felt a lot better today.  I’m just so hungry by the end of the day.  I’m thinking of upping my juice even more during the day and eating dinner instead of lunch.  I’m busy during the day so it’s easy to keep my mind off things.  At night I’m hungry and bored, a fatal combination.

I had to take benadryll today because I had a reaction to soap.  Was REALLY wanting to go totally med free for my cleanse.  At least I’ll sleep tonight!  I normally go to sleep around 9:30ish but ever since I started this I can’t get to sleep till 11 or so.  


I’m flying to Mcallen to see my family for Easter tomorrow! I will for sure pack more juice for the day tomorrow and see how that goes.  I think it will be much easier for me that way.  On to day 5!


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