Day 2



Love my new glass cup from Home Goods!



Amy’s Roasted Veggie Lasagna…really good! Not very filling though.  Will need to bulk up lunches w/ salads

Then this was staring at me in my fridge:


Yup I drank it.  Oh well!  I had left over tofu pad thai for dinner too.  It was delicious

Not going to lie, today’s been hard.  But no meat products and a huge amount of veggies & fruits.  I’ve had headaches and back aches all day.  I didn’t get much sleep last night either because I’m determined to keep my body free of all meds during the cleanse and I usually take something at night to get me to sleep.  I’m getting a massage tomorrow to help with the backache.  Didn’t realize till today how I pop Advil like pez.  Tomorrow will be a better day

4 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. Wasn’t it the lady in the juicing movie that had such a hard time for many days at the start??? She looked/felt awful! Then her body got used to it, and she felt great.

    I’m definitely going to get off all dairy. The movie I sent you had really good info on why that’s so bad.

    Didn’t I send you this link about soda???

    • yeah dairy is bad. I will ween myself off of it. I eat just a small amount this week. I KNOW i shouldn’t drink soda!! oh well. tomorrow will be better! 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    I did a 100% juice fast for a week once. First 3 days I felt HORRIBLE!! I had migraines, backaches, I was exhausted, I was cranky. Then the morning of day 4 I had so much energy, I was in a fabulous mood. I went on a run and did yoga and still didn’t know what to do with all the energy.
    By the end of the week I had lost 8 pounds and I was convinced I was going to keep juicing until I lost all the weight I wanted to lose! Hah. Good joke. I ended up quitting and just eating food again. I gained those 8 pounds back pretty quickly.
    Also, I was more than likely very calorie deficient, considering there aren’t very many calories in fruits and veggies. Being calorie deficient, my body ‘ate’ some of my muscle for energy. That’s bad… It caused my metabolism to actually go down, and my body to burn fat slower. So it was kind of counter productive.
    Nothing I’ve done has stuck. Now I’m a vegan and I eat a mostly whole foods, plant based diet. I love it. I feel much better and it lasts. If you are thinking about weening yourself off dairy, my advice would be to not. Just give it up cold-turkey (so to speak). It sounds harder, but it’s really much easier. I’ve tried to ween myself off of it before, several times actually. It was much easier to just give it up completely. It’s been about a month and I don’t miss it at all. It actually sounds kind of gross… And I used to be a cheese addict (literally, dairy has a chemical in it that interacts with the opiate receptors in your brain, making it addicting. The chemical is there to make the baby cow – who the milk is actually for, btw – want to drink as much of it as possible while it’s growing so it will get big and strong and get all the nutrients it needs, then the mother weens him off. So literally, it is addicting. If and when you decide to give it up, you’ll probably experience similar ‘withdrawal’ symptoms that a drug addict does… Just on a MUCH lower scale.

    Sorry this is such a long comment, I tend to ramble!!!
    Check out my blog if you’re interested in vegan recipes. I’ll post them fairly regularly.

    Good luck!


    • Thank you for the information!!! I am learning every day and love input!! I cut out A LOT out of my diet for this so giving up dairy was a little too much right now. but I plan on cutting it out completely in the near future. I will def. check out your blog!

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