Work & dieting

It’s hard to do the 2.  Beg. of the year we put in 12 hour days.  It’s long & exhausting and when I’m exhausted I feel the need to treat myself.  Got to break that habit!

My husband Drew has come to visit for the past 2 weekends!

The 1st time he came i had NO clue he was coming.  It was SUCH an amazing surprise!! I miss him & probably won’t get to see him much, if at all, till he graduates from training on Dec. 22.  SO sad!

I made him a couple of juices full of fruit & veggies the 1st time he was down.  He seemed to like them!

After he left I snacked on lots of antipasto & bruschetta! mmmmm

Working out is on hold at the moment as school is WAY too busy AAAAAANNNND i managed to hurt my knee (only I could do that!) But I hope to start back next week!  I’m trying to be as good as possible, but I’ve been REALLY bad lately 😦 Can’t be too hard on myself, just have to keep on keeping on!  While school is busy I plan on juice for breakfast & lunch then have a snack at school & small dinner at home.  I never sit at work so there’s no time to really eat any way! 🙂  Here’s to being MUCH better on my “diet” !!!!!!


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