Less hunger

I’ve noticed that when I’m home I tend to snack more…even so juicing has made me very aware of what I’m eating.  I’ve noticed a marked decrease in what I’m able to eat as well.  That’s a good thing!

Today for breakfast I had scrambled eggs on Udi’s Cinnamon toast

I’ve been following several gluten free blogs & they always mention Udis as an alternative.  I was not impressed.  The slices are tiny & are very dense.  Perhaps next time I will toast it less & it will taste better? Ezekiel is so much better…but it has gluten.

At lunch I had an Amy’s meal:

This is also Gluten AND GMO free.  I had no clue what GMOs were until I started researching health. I LOVE Amy’s meals.  So good & easy.  I was able to eat 2 bites of this before I was full!

Tonight I’m making myself another Mean Green

Tomorrow I start a complete juicing fast.  Its so hard to socialize while on a diet much less a fast.  I’m going out with my friend Anna tomorrow night.  I find that if I take my juice with me I don’t feel so left out.. We will see how it goes!


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