As I said before, the movie Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead motivated me to buy a juicer.  The movie really explains the benefits of juicing.  I’m hoping by replacing 2 meals a day with juice will help reset my system.  For now I’m doing juice for breakfast & dinner.  I plan on doing the 10 day juice fast as soon as I get my research paper done! The movie explains the first 3 days or so are horrible so I’ll do the complete fast soon, just not yet! I got this AMAZING juicer at Bed Bath & Beyond

I love, love, love this thing! It is so powerful & fun to use!  The clean up takes a little bit but isn’t hard at all.  I made a mean green last night for dinner which was the juice of:

  The end result was tasty…very earthy tasting though.  I’ll add a bit more fruit next time

The morning I made apple & strawberry juice

  This juice turned out AMAZING! IT was really good! 

The good thing about moving to my Mom’s new house? Her kitchen has AMAZING lighting and helps my pictures turn out better! It’s been a huge mess but here’s a cluttered look at her new kitchen

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