moving, moving, moving

I came to McAllen to help my Mom move into her house.  So far it’s been stressful! 4 dogs, 3 of whom bark non-stop, gets old after a couple hours. 🙂 Trying to decide when I’ll go back to Austin.  Perhaps I’ll just stay till the 27th. We will see.  My poor baby is exhausted and ready to go home already.

Today I made myself a salad. Not the best salad in the world but better than the alternative, fast food. Romaine, chicken, fresh corn, & light catalina dressing.

Yesterday I watched 2 great documentaries on Netflix instant streaming.  The first was a film about fasting.  My brother has lost a ton of weight and has been doing fasts.  It was a great film and I liked it so much I bought a juicer! 🙂

The next was Exit Through The Gift shop.  I have no interest in street art, but a friend suggested it.

SOOOO interesting! Loved it! It’s about 3 international graffiti artists, one really interesting, and apparently famous one, named Banksy.  Highly recommend it! 🙂


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