Meatless Mondays (on a Wednesday)

The healthy foodies of Austin have this thing called Meatless Monday…well I couldn’t go meatless on Monday cause of a BBQ for Drew so today is my meatless day.  I decided to make this meal I used to make when I was student teaching.  It was vegetarian and delicious.  Truth is I used to eat vegetarian a lot more while living alone in college because I was too poor to buy meat! 🙂

All this dish takes is: zucchini, onion, mushroom, olive oil, salt & pepper

The key to good zucchini is to sear them in hot olive oil, then steam them.  they get brown & crispy this way.

Then throw everything else in the pot, & cover till it’s all soft and delicious!

Such an easy meal and it takes all of 20 min to make.  I had mine over steamed rice.  My rice cooker that Drew’s Mom bought us has been one of my favorite things in the kitchen.  Makes perfect rice in 10 min! LOVE it!


2 thoughts on “Meatless Mondays (on a Wednesday)

  1. Jana says:

    Looks really good. Do you drain the oil after searing or just leave it and throw the other ingredients in the pot to cook?

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