I have a bad habit of snacking.  My problem is I eat meals and snack, snack, snack in between.  I’m trying to have 2 snacks during the day to replace meals and then 1 good meal for dinner. In Cali we had lots of antipasto so we made our own antipasto plate to snack on today.  I used roasted red & yellow peppers, spinach chicken sausage, sourdough bread & whole grain mustard.

I also realized I have completely stopped cooking.  Drew & I have been going out or getting food to go.  So horrible! Today I made some of my salsa verde to go with BBQ fajitas.  I used tomatillos, garlic, jalapenos, a serano, and a white onion.  

Roasted all of that then blended it with 3 limes and a bunch of cilantro.  SUCH good flavor.  It was perfect to go on our tacos.  We had chicken & beef fajitas on whole wheat tortillas tonight. I need to learn to marinate meat because Central Market’s meats were pretty disappointing 😦


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