Doing my best while out of town

I’ve been in Houston for the past 3 days for a class in my Grad program.  There were about 200-250 people in the class of all different kinds of library backgrounds. There were medical librarians, academic librarians, law librarians, and a handful of us educators.  VERY weird experience.  Most people there were mid 40’s-late 50’s, most took themselves to seriously, and looked down on people who would ever work with small children.  weirdos i tell ya.

I ate the same thing every day I was gone to try to do my best to stick to my health goals. I did do my best to limit my carb intake!

Every morning started with an omelette from the hotel restaurant.

i’m not a fan of these slimy things, but the Hilton knew how to crank them out.  The best I’ve ever had!

I took a picture of my lunch, but accidentally erased it! 😦 Every day I had an apple with peanut butter (SOOO GOOD) and a few reduced fat ritz

For dinner I would go to Ninfa’s (didn’t know those were still around) and had a great big chicken fajita taco salad. YUUUUM

I even managed to get in 40 min in the hotel gym every day! 


Overall, this will be a HARD semester. I’m so ready to be done w/ grad school so i can continue to be a teacher since all library jobs are getting DONE AWAY WITH. uuuuugh #fail.

I was just talking with my husband the other day how I wish I would have followed my actual passion and done something fun with my life like gone to culinary school.  I wish I actually looked forward to going to work everyday.


One thought on “Doing my best while out of town

  1. Jana Cast says:

    Life is too short to not do something that you love! You are still young and smart. Find your passion and get started!!!!

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