Gammy’s Tuna Noodles

I’m a huge fan of tuna.  This past week Grandad made tuna noodles.  It was the best thing he’s cooked so I had to try it for myself!  Gammy was Drew’s grandmom and Grandad told me how she would make this for the boys all the time.

First you make a roux with light butter, onion and flour

Then you whisk in milk and light sour cream with lots of fresh cracked pepper and sea salt

Stir in a large can of white tuna

Serve over noodles w/ paprika and a dash of poppy seeds on top

I asked Drew if I could cook this once a week, that is how much i LOOOOOOVE it. (he said no 😦 ) my goodness it is good. This is def. going to become a regular in our dinner rotations though…I want to add some peas next time.  I think that would be good.

I’ve decided I want to make 1 new goal for myself every week.  My goal for this week is to cut way back on carbs. (speaking of noodles! ha) I will have 1 serving with breakfast, 1 with lunch and then that will be it for the day.  I could live on carbs alone so this will be a big change for me but it needs to be done!

I leave for Houston later this afternoon.  I have a class for my Grad school program there Sunday-Tuesday.  😦 Sad to leave my husband and puppy but it might be nice to have quiet, alone time.



One thought on “Gammy’s Tuna Noodles

  1. Jason says:

    I think some sauteed mushrooms would be good in that as well. Maybe even a little garlic. The peas are a good idea.

    I don’t understand where the poppy seeds came from.

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