Late night eating

One of the main reasons Drew and I gained so much weight was because of his work hours.  Drew gets home from his 2nd job around 10:45 at night.  Once or twice a week, I’ll stay up and wait for him, we’ll eat some dinner and watch a movie.  We became the king and queen of fast food.  Burger and fries at 11pm?! yes please! So bad for us!  So last night we stayed up and I needed to have something for us to eat that wasn’t as bad as our usual fast food.

I put together a cheese, fruit and cracker plate for us.  I also included some nuts and just a few pigs in a blanket 🙂  It was SO good, so filling and much better than our usual fair!

I always have to end my meals on a sweet note.  Lately I’ve been having a glass of Odwalla’s superfood juice.  My in-laws got me hooked on it while they were in town for Christmas.  It’s sweet and healthy.  Really hits the spot after a meal!


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