Better Choices

Grandad cooks for us about once a week.  Last night he made hamburger patties w/ grilled onions and a big pot of Mac ‘n cheese.  I LOOOOOOVE me some mac ‘n cheese but, in trying to be good, I had mine w/ a salad and sweet potatoes.

It was really good! I looooove hamburger patties and I felt good that I didn’t let myself have the mac ‘n cheese and I stuck to my guns.

Drew and I have also become obsessed w/ a local hummus called Grandmas.  It is to die for especially w/ Terra chips.  The med. flavor are key…they have this hint of lemon flavor.  It’s the perfect late night snack for us.

I’ve had these veggie burgers in my freezer for months now.

I haven’t touched them in fear of what they taste like.  Some veggie burgers are great, some are HORRIBLE.  So for lunch today, I sauteed some spinach in olive oil and had the veggie burger w/ sauteed onions and bell pepper w/ a little cheese.

It was a GREAT lunch and I’m sad I put off eating these things.


One thought on “Better Choices

  1. Jana Cast says:

    So proud of you for NOT eating the mac and cheese. Wish Grandad would have eaten what you ate instead! Yes, the veggie burger meal idea looks yummy, too.

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