And so it begins….

The massive diet and work out routine started this morning!  I have 42lbs to lose to make it to my goal! Isn’t that insane? Part of me is mad but most of me had a blast gaining weight so i’ve just gotta work hard and get it all off now.

Drew and I have an egg taco most mornings.  This morning we threw in some turkey bacon.

For lunch I had yogurt w/ granola and a salad w/ berries, feta and balsamic vinegar.

I know granola is all about crunch, but i like to let mine sit in the yogurt over night.  It makes it into oatmeal almost.  So good!

Tonight I’ll be doing some of this:

I took before pictures that I will compare to at the end of this journey.  You should prepare now though…so gross! 🙂 BUT I’m excited about getting fit again.  It’s been too long!


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