Drew and I picked up P.Terrys for dinner last night.  P.Terrys is the “anti fast food” fast food place!  They use local organic ingredients and have all the “junk” which you crave but just A LOT healthier.  Drew got a burger and I got the veggie burger:

Yes i indulged in fries but HEY! they are “healthy” fries right?!  Was it amazing? Not really,  but considering it IS fast food and a lot better for you it was EXCELLENT. no reason to go to whataburger for a greasy burger fix when P.Terrys does it much better!


One thought on “P.Terrys

  1. have you tried “terra burger”? Let me know. Hahaha I’ll think of this place next time I want burgers and a fries. I usually want sweets though if I want “bad” foods.

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