Mothers Day Brunch

I have insomnia yet again tonight so why not update?

I took my brother, Mom and Drew to brunch at Lamberts this past Sunday.  There’s been lots of buzz about this place, mainly from my new favorite blog, Austin Food Journal.

The brunch was simple yet really good.  Here was my first plate:

Smoked salmon was really, really good! I also had an omelette, bite of french toast, mac ‘n cheese and a rib!  Too much food!!!! Was it worth the pretty high price tag? Eh…not really. I’d much rather have high priced brunch at Green Pastures. The atmosphere at Lamberts just wasn’t great and for a pricey meal I want the whole package 🙂  Would I go back for happy hour or dinner? absolutely!

Speaking of Austin Food Journal, I entered one of his give aways and I WON!!!! I will go pick up this bad boy some time this week:

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