Doofy’s Superbowl Burritos

I went to Whole Foods this morning and stocked up on lots of fruits and vegetables for the week. MMMMM  Whole Foods.  Oh how I wish I had lots of money and could shop there all the time.  I have been eating cottage cheese lately…I love it with peaches.  Today I ate it with strawberries.  not as delicious as with peaches.

Finally made my way over to Doofy’s house:

We decided to make healthier food for the Super bowl.  I got a lot of organic stuff from Whole foods to make our meal.  Drew was in charge of putting them together.  

We used:  Whole wheat tortillas, chicken, fat free refried beans, spanish rice, cheese, low fat sour cream, lettuce, salsa, onions.

The verdict?  these were “eh”.  Not great….don’t really know why though.  It was lacking something though.  Oh well.  🙂  At least we stayed pretty healthy! 🙂


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