Back from the dead…

So I’ve had the worst ear infection of my life since Thursday night.  I’ve been miserable…absolutely miserable.  I’m still on pain medication and hardcore antibiotics.  It’s amazing to me that even though i’ve been on antibiotics since Thursday I’m STILL in pain.  I’m also really annoyed that even though I’m taking much better care of my body this year, I’ve been sicker than ever this year.  what gives?!?! ANYWAY…I’m back and hopefully getting better! 🙂

The vicodin makes me feel like this:

The antibiotics make me feel like this:

This morning I had an egg on my raisen Ezekiel bread.  I love the salty/sweet combo

Tonight I ventured back into the world of the living and went to Kenobi with my roomate.  MMMMMM sushi.

We started with the lobster gyoza.  to die for!

My roomate got the Brandy roll (shrimp, smoked salmon, cream cheese, unagi sauce) w/ 2 pieces of yellow fin.   I got the Shaggy Dog (shrimp, cucumber, spicy mayo, spicy sauce) w/ 2 pieces of smoked salmon

Both rolls were fantastic!! The fish was so fresh and the sauce was so delicious.  The smoked salmon was PERFECT!  Almost as good as Mikados…that’s saying a lot.  It was thick and really, really fresh.  So good!

Because all that food just wasn’t enough we decided to split another roll.  We got the Fiery which was a really clean, simply roll.  It had yellow tail and cilantro and then a thai chili and citrus oil dipping sauce.

I HIGHLY recommend Kenobi!  Delicious sushi! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Back from the dead…

  1. Jason says:

    Sushi looked great! I think you’re really going to like the new place next to House Wine when you come down here. It’s called Barcelona, and we’ll start dinner off there with tons of tapas. Good stuff!

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