Great Sunday

I’ve had a busy, busy day today!! I woke up early and got a good work out in.  Then I came home and had an egg on a piece of Ezekiel bread

Really good!! Don’t know why I haven’t been using this bread all along!

Then I went to church.  That was great 🙂  and finally made my way to Drew’s house.  Drew and I went to Central Market and got some makings for our delicious late lunch.  We got bison meat to make burgers.  Drew was dressed up and put on an apron while he was cooking.  It was really adorable.  Sadly my iphone pic of him was eaten by my stupid computer.  Here is his AMAZING burger though:

We had these bad boys with grape salad from CM:

This is my favorite!!! Grapes, walnuts and bleu cheese.  Sounds a little weird, but it’s AMAZING!!!!!!!

After a great lunch we snacked on Magic Pop crackers with some Dark Chocolate peanut butter.  It was to die for. 🙂

Drew was so nice to me all day.  He really pampered me! 🙂    He has perfected the art of cracking my back.  GAAAAAHHHHH I keep all my stress tension in my back and popping my back is the best thing EVER. Such a great fiance i have!


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