Saturday Eats

I have to say this new medicine I’m on has me feeling like a hundred bucks! I have so much energy and feel human again. YAY!  I went to Central Market this morning and stocked up on TONS of goodness.  I adore Central Market.  It’s better than Whole Foods in my opinion.  I could spend a whole day in that store.  Something I picked up there was this:

The machine that makes these POPS them out like a gun.  They are just healthy little crackers and I’ll use them as my snack w/ PB.  mmmmm!

I also picked up this:

Be still my heart!

I decided to make some salsa today.  I roasted some tomatillos w/ onion and then threw that in a blender.

I then added: 2 cloves of garlic, juice of 1 lime, 2 chipotle peppers, and a whole bunch of cilantro.  I dunno how I feel about it.  The chipotle I used was WAY overpowering the yummy tomatillos but I still ate some w/ chips as my lunch.

Drew and I went to dinner at Maudies tonight.  We started w/ the queso and I got Migas w/ corn tortillas…thats right it was covered in cheese.  But it was seriously amazing.  so good!!!!!!!!!

I ended my night w/ a hug from Drew’s new silly toy and nice cup of hot green tea.


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