mmmmm Spinach

I made some great baked Chicken Cordon blue the other night.  All I did was wrap ham and cheese in a chicken breast, rolled it, seasoned the outside and put it in a baking dish.  Then I mixed a can of FF cream of mushroom soup w/ 1 c. of skim milk and poured it over the chicken.  Baked covered for 40 min.

My roomate sauteed some fresh spinach w/ garlic, olive oil and salt & pepper.  It was a GREAT meal!!!!

In other news:  I found out i’m having a thyroid issue. Totally explains my inability to lose weight at all.  Hopefully we can get it all figured out though cause i’ve GOT to lose 30-40 lbs before November.  Also, this is what my classroom looks like after my terror child has a fit:


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