I have some really old pics in here….I decided to start using my digi cam instead of my iphone to take pictures and it takes me forever to upload.

So I’ve started taking my vitamins everyday.  Here is my new lineup every morning

My roomate got me an aerator for Christmas!!! It has made my life so much better 🙂  Red wine is SO much better 🙂  Drew’s mom and I enjoyed our wine w/ some delicious hummus and pita chips.

I’ve been trying to up my vegetable intake.  I’ve been making lots of roasted veggies.  This is what I eat for dinner most nights.  It’s delish!  roasted butternut squash, roasted asparagus and a chicken breast.

Last night Drew and I made a Weight Watchers version of lettuce wraps. So yum!!!!

Drew arranged the egg rolls so it would make a “pretty picture” so cute.  Grandad said it was “damn good!!”

Today we went to Che Zee for brunch after church.  It was pretty good…much better than last time.  I had this chicken/scallion quiche and Drew had breakfast tacos.


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