Back to being good

I named this blog Whole Foods because I adore that store.  Just buying their food makes me FEEL healthier….I just cant afford it because a weeks worth of food costs me twice as much there than at HEB.  When I’m older and well off I will buy ALL my food there though.  LOOOOVE that place.

This week I found these cute little mac and cheese lunch packs. MMMM

I made one and mixed it w/ some tuna to add protein.  DELISH!

I ate the rest of the tuna on Whole Food’s pita chips.  I love pita chips and have had my fair share…the Whole Foods 365 brand is by far THE best.  So salty and crisp.  The only trick is to learn how to not eat the entire bag.  I also enjoyed some with my favorite Out to Lunch hummus…Jalapeno. YUM


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