III Forks

The past few weeks have been an off again on again eating nightmare.  It seems like just when I start eating well, there is cause for celebration and all bets are off.  Tonight Drew and I took Matt and Marcie out to celebrate their marriage.  We went to III Forks which is a really nice steakhouse downtown. Hate this pic of me, but its good of Drew.  I have that FAKE smile face on.

Marcie and I both decided to order off the 3 course menu…and we each had a glass of red. mmmmm!

First course: I got the French Onion soup.  The boys got the wedge salad. SOOO yum!!!!

Main course:  I got the Mahi Mahi, Drew got the Kansas strip.  Mine was fishy…which was weird because Mahi is never fishy…one bite of Drew’s had me mad I didn’t order a steak.  His was SO good.

Dessert:  This came w/ Marcie and my meal.  They are 2 choices so we got 1 of each…cheescake and choc ganache cake.  Both were amazing.  Cheesecake was creamy and rich and the cake was airy and light. MMMM about 2 bites though and we were stuffed piggies.

I feel like I need to fast for a week to make up for this gorge-fest.  So.Stuffed.  I do wish Santa would bring me a nice new camera for Christmas…would make my food pictures look SO much better.

I did buy myself this today:

excited about trying it out tomorrow!!!!


2 thoughts on “III Forks

  1. Drew says:

    my strip was amazing…

    so sad you didn’t get beef and we went to #1 steakhouse in Austin.

    i take us after i get my christmas bonus?

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