Cooking Light Green Chicken Enchiladas

whipped up the Cooking Light Chicken Enchiladas.  Pretty simple and really tasty.  The chicken mixture has light cream cheese.  You can never go wrong with cream cheese! I will say that there just wasn’t enough green sauce for my tasting.  I like my enchiladas COATED with sauce but there just wasn’t enough.  Still really good.  They are topped w/ Queso Fresco and chili powder.

I’ve tried in vain MANY times to make Spanish rice.  I have it ALMOST perfected.  I put too much Knorr in it though…came out way too salty.  Next time I will only use 1T and it will be good to go.  We had to throw this out, but it looked pretty! hahahaa

Ended up going down the street to Maudies for some rice.  SO sad.  We ate our lunch w/ some spicy black beans.  Good meal!!!


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