Cooking Light

Its been brrrrr cold in Austin so we needed some good food to warm us up and make us feel good 🙂  I got this awesome Cooking Light cookbook that had this broc cheese soup recipe that I made.  And Drew was in charge of making Turkey burger sliders.  I also made some carmelized onions to go on the sliders. MMMMMM

The sliders were spicy and delish!  Drew mixed some miracle whip w/ some spices and jalapenos.  We also topped it with the onions and arugula.  YUM!  The soup was thick, creamy and extra cheesy.

Here are our cute little lunch plates. 🙂

Drew had decorated his little coffee table with some cute Christmas stuff.  His whole house is lit up with Christmas lights too.  🙂

Even though Drew is 29, he LOVES his Domos.  Drew has about 4 or 5 of these things and they get treated better than the humans some times.  crazy doofy


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